UNIVIEW Mini IR Bullet With eMMC Storage

IPC2124SR3-DPF36(60)-16G is the latest released model of 4MP Mini IR Bullet with eMMC on-board edge storage. To balance water-proof performance and edge storage requirement, eMMC on-board is a better solution for a fixed lens bullet.
UNIVIEW Mini IR Bullet With eMMC Storage - Uniview Korea co., Ltd.

Uniview is dedicated to produce innovative products. Instead of a SD card slot, IPC2124SR3-DPF36(60)-16G applies eMMC chipset on board for edge storage, which is more reliable than SD card. It is inspired from mobile equipment. eMMC now is widely used in smart phones and pad, 3 times faster in reading and 2 times faster in writing, and even 20 times longer life than SD card. These advantages are due to the controller inside of eMMC for bad-cell detection and recovery. eMMC has 16GB storage space.