Installed UNIVIEW in Incheon city

Incheon Metropolitan Government (President Woo Sik Kim) announced on December 26 that it completed the '2016 year old public rental housing improvement project' this year after finishing the high quality intelligent CCTV system and performance improvement project in the permanent rental apartment on the December 26th.
Installed UNIVIEW in Incheon city - Uniview Korea co., Ltd.

The CCTV performance improvement project has built up more than 90 high-resolution cameras of 200 mega pixels and intelligent image analysis system to detect clear images and abnormal behaviors in real time. It is hoped that it will contribute to the safe living environment of the residents and prevent crime.

선학 및 연수 영구임대아파트에 고화질 지능형 CCTV시스템을 구축

Incheon Metropolitan Government's project to improve old-age public rental housing facilities, which was initiated in 2009, is a project implemented by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Incheon Metropolitan City in a matching fund scheme for permanent leases with a lease of 15 years or more after construction and 50 years of public rental housing. In the meantime, we continued to improve the residential and environmental facilities, including installation of lifts, balconies, corridor windows, and lighting fixtures, through demand survey of residents.

In particular, this year, we invested a total of 2 billion won (total budget: 600 million won, local cost: 400 million won, construction cost: 1.4 billion won) in two public rental housing complexes, Improvement ▲ There was an improvement in the external environment within the households of old public rental housing such as apartments.

Representative Chairman Jeon Young-il of leasing lease apartment Jeon Young-il stated, "I feel grateful that the results of the long-time communication and effort made by the city corporation together with the residents to make a cleaner and better complex are grateful and thank you again." did.

"I will continue to make efforts to improve the facilities continuously by consulting with related organizations so that more residents can live safely and conveniently by reflecting opinions of the residents from the selection stage of the project items from now on." .

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